Altermatt Farms LLC invites you to participate in one of our many fundraising programs.  We are dedicated to helping our surrounding communities by offering many different fundraisers to schools and organizations.


We have three different spring fundraising opportunities that we'll be offering this year.

The first program we will be offering is to those organizations who would like to reserve a day or two for an in-store fundraising opportunity. For this event we would encourage an organization to recruit their family and friends to come to our greenhouse to purchase flowers on a planned day and we would then donate a percentage of the sales to that organization.  If you are interested in this program you must contact us ahead of time to reserve a date.    


The second program is the purchasing of a particular potted plant at discounted rate which would then be resold by the organization.


The third program which is new for us this year, will be the selling of Altermatt Farms LLC Greenbucks.  The money will be able to be used towards anything in our greenhouse just like cash.


We also will be offering programs for fundraising opportunities in the fall.


For more information on any of these programs and to receive a fundraiser application please contact us at (586) 781-3428.

click here to download the fundraising guidelines and application

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