Over the last decade simple choices on what we eat to what we purchase have become more complicated.  Where does our food come from? How was it grown?   Are the products that you purchase produced in a sustainable way?  These are many questions that consumers as well as businesses need to pay attention to.  Going GREEN isn't something that any business or person can fully achieve overnight.  It's made up of many small steps.  Altermatt Farms LLC has been in business for many years and has constantly looked at and tried different ways to be more efficient.  We're not completely GREEN, but we are taking those crucial steps that need to be taken to improve our environment.   We hope that our community will see what we are doing and in turn will make some simple changes in their lives to better our environment.



  Altermatt Farms LLC is Growing Green with Blossom Springs.


 Last year we were approached by the developers of GANTECGREEN, and offered the opportunity to use their product.  GANTECGREEN  allowed  us to produce a high quality product that was grown all-natural.   As with any new product improvements have been made. GANTEC has introduced Blossom Springs™. This revolutionary, natural growing system is intended for use by retail greenhouse operators as well as homegrowers. The system employs a series of proven bio-nutrients and natural ingredients to support plant health and vitality throughout the growing process. 


Using Blossom Springs  results in healthier, greener plants with more abundant, and longer lasting blooms.  The plants produce more fruit and are resistent of stress, diseases and pests.  By using less chemicals the plants are safer and more beautiful than chemically treated plants.  We have chosen  to use Blossom Springs, because it helps us to reduce the use of pesticides as well as fungicides.  You now can choose to continue growing GREEN .


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Over the years our growing practices have changed tremendously, a field that was once plowed with one horse is now plowed with a tractor with many horses.  In an effort to conserve fuel to run these tractors and to help stop soil erosion, we use no-till farm equipment when possible to work the fields.

We also grow our vegetables on raised beds and use trickle irrigation to water our fields, which is highly efficient in the conservation of water.

 We also use a Growers Mineral Solution, which is an environmentally friendly,  non-corrosive plant food, along with other organic fertilizers in the growing of our fruits and vegetables. 

 In the keeping of healthy, quality produce we use an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practice in growing our produce which is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to Pest Management.



HEALTHY PLANTS and HEALTHY PRODUCE means HEALTHY PEOPLE, which all in all leads to a HEALTHY PLANET.  We want to provide the same thing to our community. We will keep striving to find new and innovative ways to make that happen.

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